Newly Finished Daycare Centre in Mt Eden, Auckland

We have recently completed another daycare centre in Mt Eden.

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Marley Stratus Design Spouting

Marley is one of New Zealand’s largest and most trusted plastic manufactures and has been supplying plumbing products to NZ for over 40 years. Come October 2011 they will be bringing out Stratus design series spouting which is made out…

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Installing a new bathroom

Here are my 5 tips about Installing a New Bathroom. These can save you heaps! 1. Look for Sales Bathrooms are sometimes marked up by over 200% in the Showroom so keep an eye out for sales where product prices can…

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Have you ever wondered why it takes so long for the hot water to come out of your kitchen tap?

Have you ever thought about how much hot water is being wasted by it taking so long to get there? One of my clients had this problem because their hot water cylinder was located too far away from their kitchen…

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