Blocked sink

So you have a blocked sink in Auckland? Blocked sink can be caused by any number of issues including waste products, mildew build up or even dead pests.

Outside the home, leaves and pine needles are the usual culprits, whilst hair and toilet paper may be the problem inside the home. This isn’t unusual, these blockages take place as a result of everyday living and blocked drain repairs are easier than you might expect.

Whatever the cause may be, it’s an inconvenience to have blocked sink. You will want the blocked drain to be diagnosed by a qualified plumber and fixed to the best possible standard in a timely fashion. Call Eagle Plumbing for a trusted team of professional drain unblockers in Auckland. We’re the local team with plenty of experience in dealing with common residential block drains issues, such as block toilets and clogged up sink pipes. For plumbing and drainage fixes in Auckland carried out by a friendly, effective and affordable team – we’ve got you covered.

Time to fix your blocked sink?

If you have a blocked sink in Auckland, don’t stress! Just follow this process to get the problem fixed:

  1. Call our friendly staff on 0508 438 324.
  2. Take a photo (or photos) of the affected area and email these to us.
  3. We will provide a quote and book a convenient time to complete the job.
  4. When we arrive we will assess the problem by inspecting the problem area in question.
  5. We will be 100% upfront about the costs to fix or replace your tap, so you don’t have to deal with any budget surprises or hidden fees (you will also not be charged travel costs for this consultation)
  6. All work will be agreed with you and completed professionally and efficiently.
  7. Once the job is done, we will leave your home clean, tidy and with a smile.

Our coverage area for blocked sink includes:

● Albany
● Greenhithe
● Pinehill
● Birkenhead

● Beach Haven
● Birkdale
● Chatswood
● Hillcrest

● Northcote
● East Coast Bays
● Glenfield
● Sunnynook

● Forrest Hill
● Takapuna
● Devonport
● And surrounding areas