Commercial Plumbers Auckland & North Shore

Are you the owner of a commercial property or are you a commercial property manager?

A commercial property requires regular and ongoing commercial plumbing maintenance and a proactive maintenance plan will save you money in the long run. Our commercial maintenance plumbing checklist covers all the critical plumbing related components in your commercial building.

1. Check for active leaks

Are there active leaks or is mould present?

2. Check for corrosion

Is there corrosion or lime scale present?

3. Check Water Pressure

Water pressure typically reduces the higher you go in a building.

4. Check Valves for Correct Operation

Are all shutoff valves working correctly?

5. Check Water Heater

Is the temperature control working correctly? Are the shutoff valves and overflows working correctly?

6. Check Drains

Flow rates should be checked. We use the latest technology to check and maintain drains

7. Check Backflow Testing

Backflow testing to ensure no pollutants or chemicals return to the building due to blockage or a significant weather event.

For all your commercial property maintenance requirements talk with Eagle Plumbing first.