What Is Dux Quest?

Dux Quest PipingDux Quest is an old, redundant style of piping used in houses built in Auckland and on the North Shore in the 1970’s and 80’s. By the 1990’s this pipe was ruled out as a substandard plumbing material due to a massive amount of leakages and splits reported across the country.

Since then, new standards for home plumbing materials have been introduced. Current regulations do allow for the use of newer Dux Quest products or the new Buteline piping. Ask us and we can discuss what is the best choice for you.

What Does The Old Dux Quest Pipe Look Like?

Dux Quest pipe is very distinctive, it is a black hard rubbery piping that has small white writing running up the length of the pipe. it is around 2cm in diameter and it is slightly flexible when bent with two hands.

Where will I find Dux Quest in Auckland?

Plumbing QualificationsDux Quest pipes may run under your house, and up through your walls. Over time residents find that this black piping will split, or the connection will become loose, causing you to lose what looks like a small amount of water, but is in fact a significant amount. This can cause discolouration in dry wall and deteriorate your homes build.

Does my insurance cover any potential claims for Dux Quest related issues?

When it comes to Dux Quest, most insurance companies will only cover the first leak then you are on your own to foot the bill for any issues that arise in the future. At this stage, we recommend you replace all Dux Quest piping with newer pipework to avoid significant issues in the future.

It may seem like a major job to replace the piping as there is a lot of patching and repairs to walls and floors required, but it will be better having the warranty of new pipework and your house insured again for leaks that may occur in the future – you will also have a master plumber guarantee!

What If I Just Need A Quick Fix and don’t want to replace all the old Dux Quest piping?

underfloor leakYes, we can replace only the problem Dux Quest piping. To be able to do this we will need to cut holes in the floor or wall (or both). It would definitely be more cost effective to replace all piping in one go but we appreciate budget is a factor in what you decide.

The good news is these quick fixes are quite straightforward and we can get them out of the way in less than 30 minutes most of the time. All we need to do is cut the pipe and add a new join to connect the unsplit areas of the pipe to fix it.