Gas Fitting

Rinnai A26 Gas Califont

$3450 (plus GST). Price includes all labour, removal of existing HWC, pipe fitting, materials and A26*

  • Colour: White
  • Gas Type: Natural and LPG
  • Water Capacity:  1.5-26 L/min
  • Pressure: Mains and Medium
  • Suitable for: Most residential situations
  • For more information please call us to discuss

* HWC to A26 conversion price. For like for like replacement costs please call to discuss (this is cheaper)

For all your residential gas fitting in Auckland, Eagle Plumbing is your one stop shop.

Our team of licensed Master Gasfitters can have your gas needs serviced to a safe, compliant and a high standard.

There’s nothing more satisfying than firing up a modern gas hob, or the gratification of instant hot water thanks to a new infinity gas unit.

Gas Repairs

We repair and maintain gas appliances and fittings across Auckland, including:

  • New gas appliance installation
  • Detecting and fixing gas leaks
  • Replacing old or jeopardised gas pipework
  • Emergency gas repairs
  • Gas maintenance for both commercial and domestic customers
  • Repair of burst or leaking gas hot water cylinders
  • Servicing natural gas & LPG appliances
  • Hot water system upgrades
  • Gas hob installations

Convert Electric to Gas

Would you like to convert from electric hot water and heating to gas hot water and gas heating? Not a problem. Talk to us about all the options and requirements.