Leaking Tap

We all know the saying, drips waste water…AND money.

You wouldn’t believe how much your leaking tap is costing you right now, and how quickly it can be fixed by our qualified tradesman.

Having a leaking tap in the home is like having a grey cloud hovering over your head. It’s an annoyance, you know it needs to be addressed, but you never quite get around to it.
Did you know that if your tap or faucet is dripping at 60 dips per minute, that adds around 21 Litres per day extra to your water bill? That’s almost an additional 150L per week. Scary stuff.
However this is not uncommon. We find most people leave their dripping tap for around a month before calling us in. If only they knew the damage this is doing to their wallet and the environment!

Let's Get It Fixed!

Fixing dripping taps is easy and fast. If it’s time to get the tap fixed, follow this process:

  1. Call our friendly staff on 0508 438 324. We will book a time to visit that suits your busy schedule.
  2. When we arrive we will gather a quick understanding of the problem by inspecting the tap or faucet in question. You will not be charged travel costs for this consultation.
  3. We will be 100% upfront about the costs to fix or replace your tap, so you don’t have to deal with any budget surprises or hidden fees.
  4. We can offer a range of different tap styles to suit your home if the tap does indeed need to be replaced. If it’s a quick fix, this usually takes a maximum of 30 minutes.
  5. Once the job is done, we will leave your home clean, tidy, with no more annoying drips keeping you up at night!

Stop That Annoying Drip! Give us a call.