Low Pressure Hot Water Systems

What Are Low Pressure Hot Water Systems?

On the North Shore, water heating is usually supplied by hot water cylinders, which are also known as a low-pressure hot water systems. They are very distinctive, and usually found in ‘the hot water cupboard’ with a brushed grey galvanised metal outer casing. These cylinders use electric elements to heat the water, which need to be replaced from time to time.

What Happens If My Cylinder Stops Working?

The answer to that question is simple, you’ll get no more hot water!! A lack of hot water in the home can be extremely inconvenient, and is caused by a number of different events such as:

  • Regional Power Outage
  • Broken Element
  • Electrical Fault
  • Cylinder Fault

It’s pretty annoying when the low pressure hot water system stops working in the household! Although it doesn’t pose any immediate health issues, left unaddressed the cylinder degradation can sometimes get worse and worse, costing more money to fix in the future.

leaking hot water cylinder

What Happens If My Cylinder Is Leaking at the Base or Overflowing?

If your hot water cylinder is leaking at the base it is likely it has split due to age. At this stage you will need to either replace the unit or take the opportunity to upgrade to high pressure (mains) or gas. We can quote a replacement off a photo, please use our contact form to upload one.

If your cylinder is overflowing, this is caused by grit in pipe work, a too high temperature or the valves may be worn and need to be replaced or serviced.

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