Bathroom Renovations

Our team of plumbers have extensive experience in residential bathroom renovations, completing hundreds of projects across Auckland each year. We can assist you with design ideas and advise on which fittings and fixtures will work best with the space and concept you are working with..

Extensive Bathroom Renovation Experience

We have been involved in literally hundreds of Bathroom projects, and stand behind our quality workmanship. To drive this point home, this year Eagle Plumbing were selected to work on the 2015 Master Builders House Of The Year. Click here to take a closer look at the project, or read our plumbing page for info on our expertise.

We don’t just do the high end stuff, we can work with almost any budget, and offer guidance on fitting selections. If you need builders, electricians or other subcontractors, we can help you in that department also.

Quality Fittings At A Reasonable Price

Sit down with our North Shore team and discover the very best fittings to suit your style and budget. Our great relationship with plumbing suppliers means that they won’t cost the earth either (unless you want the gold taps from Rome, in which case this point is negotiable).

But we know that fittings can make the room, and so we draw from a large range of possibilities to ensure you have all the resources you need at your fingertips to be able to make the best decision. If you use Pinterest or another app, feel free to show these to our team and we will investigate the fittings for you.

No Budget Surprises!

The last thing you need when going through the renovation process is unexpected bills and charges that weren’t communicated at the very beginning of the job.

We make sure that you are informed of our rates and our billing process, so that you can properly calculate the overall cost of the job from the start. Also, did we mention that unlike other plumbers we don’t charge you for our travel? It’s true!

Budget communication is a priority in all of the work we do, including maintenance plumbing and commercial plumbing. Click these links to find out more.

If You Are Looking Into A Bathroom Renovation, Give Us A Call Now!