Our Team

  • Eddie Elliot – Residential Project Manager
  • Tod Tait – Sales Manager

Senior Estimator

We employ a qualified estimator who is also a certified plumber and who develops quotations on a range of jobs along with other trained staff who are responsible for;

  • The measurement and development of a schedule of quantities and the pricing of large commercial jobs to a “Completed to Contract Presentation” stage (quotation)
  • The signing of contract and documentation
  • The preparation and management of each contract from start-up to completion

The company employs 14 qualified tradespeople including plumbers, gas fitters and drainlayers along with 8 apprentices.

Quantity Surveyor (QS)

The company employs a qualified Quantity Surveyor (QS) and has a forward looking viewpoint by employing a Cadet Estimator as back up.

The Quantity Surveyor is responsible for initial costings of projects that are closely peer reviewed by Eddie Elliott before any proposals are submitted.

Office Administration staff

The company employs an Office Administrator responsible for all office administration duties including answering the telephone, paying creditors, staff wages, GST and Income Tax returns. She also completes job scheduling for some residential services.

Proven working relationship with subcontractors

Eagle Plumbing is also able to contract a network of other qualified people, such as additional Quantity Surveyors and subcontractors who they have chosen to work with because of their high standards for reliability and workmanship. However, they always obtain two quotations from trade subcontractors for all projects undertaken to remain cost-effective.

Eagle Plumbing and the team are now able to share the benefits of their experience and industry knowledge with their clients.