North Shore Plumbers

Eagle Plumbers are North Shore Plumbers that offer quality, efficient plumbing services to North Shore residents in Auckland at a reasonable rate.

Qualified & Certified Plumber North Shore

Believe it or not, many North Shore Plumbers send out unqualified apprentices to take care of work at residential addresses, and while we understand these guys need to learn, this should always be done under qualified supervision.

That’s why Eagle Plumbing will only send you an experienced, knowledgable plumber to take care of your job. We believe every job should be done right, first time, with no exceptions. And that’s what our Plumber North Shore provide, top quality workmanship.

You can find out more about plumbing qualifications on our plumbing page.

The Local Plumber For North Shore Residents

Like you, our plumbers are all North Shore residents, and many have grown up in the area. Therefore all of the unique plumbing conditions of the North Shore are very familiar to us, making your job faster and hassle free.

Seeing as we are nearby you also save on time and cost. For example, we know the Shore inside out and can always find the fastest way to your place using local knowledge or GPS. By the way, did I mention we never charge for travel?

We have loads of information about our home on the North Shore page, check it out!

Plumbing Work To Exceed North Shore Standards

On the North Shore it’s fair to say we have pretty high expectations, from how we want our house to look and feel, to how we want our North Shore community to thrive and be safe for our children.

At Eagle Plumbing we understand this inherently, and take this philosophy on with everything we do, from turning up on time, providing sound advice, to doing a quality job and leaving your house clean and tidy.


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