Maintaining your home plumbing is a necessity, and when things go wrong, they can go wrong pretty bad.

That’s why you need a quick reliable team to come over, diagnose the problem and fix it quickly to save you from wasting water and getting a larger than expected Watercare bill. Some areas that we find need to be addressed regularly on the North Shore are leaking pipes, dripping taps and problematic hot water cylinders.

Home Plumbing Maintenance

Whether you are in a new home, or an older home, we recommend arranging a plumber to come over at least once a year to give your home a plumbing audit to ensure all areas of your plumbing setup are in good working order. This could save you thousands of dollars down the track.

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Bathroom Plumbing

There are a few key aspects to your bathroom’s plumbing make up, being hot water, cold water, black water from the toilet, and greywater from your sink and shower. These are then fed into the appropriate piping and eventually return back into the main Auckland water supply.

We take care of all sorts of bathroom plumbing jobs on the North Shore, but these can be categorised into some main areas. For example, you may need to get your fittings, like taps or shower heads fixed or replaced, or you may have a leak under your house from piping that is connected to your bathroom. However, if you are renovating your bathroom you will need a plumber to look at your architectural drawings and provide a quote to get the job done. We take care of these jobs every week of the year and can help you out in any area of bathroom plumbing that you require.

Here’s some more information on our Bathroom Renovations services.

Kitchen Plumbing

In the kitchen, you will likely have a sink and a dishwasher. To a large extent, these are the main areas that need to be considered when dealing with kitchen plumbing problems. The way that your kitchen plumbing is configured will depend on when your home was built, and you may have a hot water cylinder feeding hot water to your taps, or an infinity gas unit doing the job.

In any case, there are some main things to consider in the kitchen when it comes to keeping your plumbing sound and in good working order. For example, try not to be too aggressive when you turn taps on and off, as this can add considerable wear and tear on the washers, making them age prematurely. Also when you get any new fittings or appliances installed (like a dishwasher) ensure a qualified plumber is taking care of the job for you. We have seen many instances where pipe connections have been jeopardised and installed incorrectly, costing the homeowner twice as much to simply get their appliances running efficiently.

Laundry Plumbing

Washing machines and supertubs are the main aspects of laundry plumbing. Like the kitchen and the bathroom, it’s always smart to get a good qualified local plumber to take care of the plumbing installation and repair of these appliances.

Washing machines and supertubs produce greywater due to the detergent used to clean clothes. This water is fed back down to the water filtration center to be processed and cleaned before it is fed back into the Auckland water system.

New Build Plumbing

Taking on an architect’s design and applying a smart solution to your new home build is something we do on a regular basis. We are not only familiar with the North Shore plumbing system, but have a great reputation and provide NZBC and Master Plumbers guarantee on all plumbing work completed by Eagle Plumbing.

Ensuring you have a plumbing fit out that does not use excessive materials and will stand the test of time will introduce significant cost benefits in the short term and long term.


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Commercial Plumbing

At Eagle Plumbing we also take care Commercial Plumbing services and have completed work for various commercial projects including schools, supermarkets and office warehousing around the North Shore. Commercial plumbing is quite different to residential plumbing in that there are different Council codes that need to be met in order to achieve compliance. These projects are generally far more complex than residential jobs and, as you can imagine, take longer to complete.

One of the key aspects of commercial plumbing is consistency in workmanship, because if something goes wrong on a commercial job there are very serious operational and legal ramifications that can crop up as a result. Using reliable plumbers who follow a well thought out strategy to complete the job is essential to avoid any long term problems. The materials used and the way they are put in place are the key factors on a commercial job.


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Plumbing Products

Over the years at Eagle Plumbing we have used almost every plumbing brand on the market and know the difference between the cheap and nasty to the expensive premium products. We’ve used countless numbers of different connectors, installed thousands of new taps fittings, layed hundreds of drain pipes – it’s fair to say if we haven’t installed it ourselves we’ve probably fixed it.

Any kind of North Shore plumbing job, we have done it before and know the best plumbing products for your unique situation. We also have a great relationship with our local wholesaler who stocks pretty much every plumbing product under the sun, so we have fast access to what your job requires. If you need a special fitting to fit your renovation look and feel, they can order it from overseas and have it ready for your projects fit off date.

Plumbing Qualifications

In Auckland there are a number of key exams plumbers are required to sit and pass in order to become qualified plumbers. They are run by a range of different institutions including Unitec and MIT – the main qualification being the Certificate in Plumbing and Gasfitting and this takes around four years to complete.

At Eagle Plumbing we will only ever send out qualified Plumbers to take care of your job. However this is not the case with all North Shore Plumbers. The reason we are so adamant about this, is because we know clients who have switched to us because they’ve had a dodgy cheap job done, and we want to ensure that we have a positive reputation that is backed by integrity. That’s why we have a 98% approval rating on and the reason why our clients become proponents of our services.

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